For over 25 years, we have provided a leaflet distribution service to tourist information centers, airports, shopping centers, accommodation, train stations – you name them! Securing key positions within well-visited venues and tourist hot spots.

We’ve learnt over the years the importance of distributing the right leaflet to the right place – that’s why with North Wales Distribution, your leaflet is in the right hands. We supply two leaflet distribution services, TIC and Non-TIC. 

TIC Distribution

The perfect service for targeting visitors within the region.

Our TIC distribution delivers leaflets to Tourist Information Points and Centres.

The service is ideal if you have a smaller quantity of leaflets and want to 

target tourists directly. 

Non-TIC Distribution

For targeting larger regions, our Non-TIC service is sure to suit.

Our non-TIC service is designed to reach as many people as possible, across North & Mid Wales and

the North West of England. The ideal choice for attractions looking to

generate maximum publicity.  


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